Home help: rates, aid, services

Although home help is a real alternative to entering an EHPAD, it is important to have the means to choose this option. Like any service, you should know that home help for dependent people is not free. This is the reason why it is recommended to find out the prices of the services before making the request for a loved one.

How much does home help cost for a person with a loss of autonomy?

The price of home help strongly depends on the services provided and the agency with which you take out your contract. It also varies depending on the region or locality in which the service is offered. For those who do not know, home help structures practice free prices, because the field is not regulated in terms of prices.

It is therefore recommended to compare several offers to find out the rates for home help if you need it to support a loved one in a situation of dependency. Also note that in conjunction with the hourly rate, some agencies charge the application fee. These can be monthly or unique (to be paid upon registration).

They cover part of the administrative costs related to customer management (organization of schedules, various declarations, telephone calls, etc.). You should also know that the price of home help depends on each person’s income. In addition, the financial support of the pension fund or the mutual insurance company can go up to 100% of the invoice for home help.

To give you a fixed price would be to mislead you. This is why we advise you to inquire about the monthly rate before the start of the service. This will allow you to know which service you will opt for and the arrangements to be made so that everything goes as you wish.

The different types of home help available

When choosing the home help service, you will have the choice between several services.

Assistance to seniors in daily activities

Depending on the needs and degree of dependence of your loved one, you can opt for an assistance service in daily activities. Several services are offered in this category, however the most widespread are the services of family life assistant, carer, and home help.

By opting for one of its services, your loved one will benefit from support and assistance in carrying out daily tasks such as dressing, mobility, food, moving around, washing, etc. There is also assistance in carrying out relational and social life activities (leisure, administrative and social tasks, etc.).

In addition to this, you also have meal delivery and telecare services. With the first, the senior will be entitled to healthy and balanced meals. As for the second, it is a device that allows you to have an eye on your parent without being physical with him.

Other services offered by home help

Among the home help services for seniors, there are also services intended to ensure the safety of your loved ones. This is the case, for example, of travel assistance, which is a service offered to people who can no longer take public transport because of the loss of autonomy. There are also services for small gardening jobs, DIY, grocery delivery, housework and home maintenance, pet walking, etc.

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