The media and its current importance

When Marshall McLuhan coined his famous phrase: “the medium is the message”, he never realized then that we would all become the medium and the message. And it is that the evolution of the mass media has been impressive in recent years. Generationally, we became captive audiences for the dominant media through the open television signal, the radio and the newspaper.

At that time, communication was completely unidirectional and the importance of the news was highlighted by each media outlet according to its convenience and agenda. However, the “monopoly” of traditional media gradually collapsed after the emergence of social networks.

As a society we “evolved” and went from being news consumers to news generators, from being passive viewers to creating a

digital community in which there is an immediacy in the generation of information and of course, in the response to the moment by the community, which interacts and generates opinion.

The development of technology, specifically in cell phones, has made everything easier. What used to be done with a video or photo camera and a computer, today the cell phone does it all in one. Without major problem, anyone can have the possibility of making a transmission in real time of what he wants to present to us without limits in this regard.

Today we talk about two realities: the one offered by traditional media and the one we build as a community through social networks; the first is outdated and out of time for today’s consumer. On the other hand, in social networks the news as it is generated in the

minute, it can be seen and consulted at the very moment it is developed, no matter who tells us about it.

One of the greatest risks of the immediacy of the news is its possible risk in the absence of confirmation of the facts, which has led to the disinformation of a community that does not analyze or reflect, but rather expresses and shares some fact without have the slightest certainty of what happened.

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