In the recipe for the perfect event, entertainment is a fundamental ingredient , which can never be missing. Even if you are organizing a convention among professionals or another appointment for professionals, you should always include a moment of leisure in the program .In fact, it is entertainment that allows you to link the name of the brand or company to positive emotions  that are imprinted in the memory, such as happiness, surprise and wonder.

That is why it pays to take a lot of care in choosing the suppliers who will take care of the entertainment of your guests. Musicians or deejays, comedians or performers: the important thing is that they are true professionals, with experience in the field and with a clear idea of ​​the context in which they operate. As an artist and entertainer, when I work for an event, I use my own checklist . For me it is essential to be:


suitably dressed , more or less formal and elegant depending on the location and time of the appointment, always present, but never intrusive ,

in no case vulgar (in certain contexts, it is easy to get a laugh with a low-grade joke, but is it worth it?),

attentive to the public and ready to adapt my performances to the reactions of the people in front of me.If you think it’s useful, you can keep this list handy when it comes to selecting the right entertainer for you.But be careful: to check the points on the list, an Internet search is often  not enough .To those who contact me via the web, I always say not to trust only what is online , even if in most cases they are very positive reviews and comments!

Whenever possible, I prefer to speak in person  with potential customers, and perhaps invite them to one of my shows, to give them the opportunity to see me in action.When I am contacted for an engagement, my priority is to fully understand the needs of the event .After that, if I realize I can’t offer what I really need , I’m the first to say it out loud.In that case I lose a job, sure, but I gain something equally important: the trust of someone who can speak well of me with other potential customers!

Furthermore, even when I am not the right person for a certain type of event, I can still make myself useful by making the contacts of colleagues or agencies available.Do you need other information to find your way around the many entertainment offers? Take a look at the tips I collected in the

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