The Fermi space telescope celebrates ten years of work

The Fermi Space Telescope celebrated its ten years of work during which a remarkable number of discoveries about the gamma rays of the cosmos have been made. In fact, we are not talking about any telescope because the one dedicated to the famous Italian physicist is today the most technologically advanced owned by the space agency of the United States of America. 

This spaceship cost just under seven hundred million dollars and was launched from the Florida base of Cape Canaveral in 2008 to study gamma rays, the most powerful form of energy currently present in the universe. This mission started with the acronym GLAST,Large Area Space Telescope, but later it was decided to give the name of the Nobel laureate scientist who in the late 1940s hypothesized that cosmic rays were the result of supernovae or very violent explosions.

Gamma rays are not visible to human eyes so to be able to track them highly technological devices are needed, as this telescope is. These light beams are very important because they represent important indicators such as the presence of more or less mysterious radiation sources such as black holes or neutron stars, for example. In his ten years of service, Fermi has been very important for those who study the sky and the wonders it hides, managing to create a real mapping of a relevant part of the space, managing among other things to show explosions with an intensity of about nine thousand supernovae, the first gamma-ray pulsar and the “bubbles” of gamma rays in the Milky Way .

The career of this exceptional instrument is still very long and it will certainly be able to discover many other exceptional celestial bodies as sources of energy, broadening our horizons and our knowledge of space. In the video that I propose to you at the end of this article, you can see the real contribution that this telescope has offered not only to astrophysical scientists but to all of us because the sky is the last frontier to which man is facing that is able to offer a charm in the hearts of men since the dawn of civilization.

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