UFO in the Canavese 2018: aliens in Corio, province of Turin

The testimony of a witness from Corio Canavese, a small town in the province of Turin, was traveling around the world. A testimony that resulted in a complaint to the Carabinieri. UFOs, literally Unidentified Flying Objects, also arrive in Corio.

The complaint leaves no room for doubt and reads: ” Unidentified flying object emanating a strong glow that, after flying over the town of Corio, suddenly departed at the sight of two probably military aircraft”. Everything happened last Wednesday, around 11pm.

The witnesses

The complaint to the police has its witnesses. There are many who claim to have heard a loud noise in the sky, attributable to the turbines of the engines of the two military aircraft flying in the Canavese area that very night.

Some others say they have even seen the afterburners of military aircraft ignite and ignite, producing “an incredible roar” to the point of causing some glass to break. A sort of “sonic bang” or something more, for now, we can’t understand it, but the testimonies are more and more precise.

Also because it seems that UFOs have not been sighted only in Corio, but also in neighboring countries. Barbania, Levone, Rocca and in Val Grande di Lanzo. The witnesses come from all these countries who are ready to swear that they have seen the two chases in pursuit of an unidentified object.

National Bodies

On the issue that is causing a sensation and increasing interest, clarifications have been expressly requested from the bodies that deal with the skies of Piedmont.

The Air Force should know that it is only “a flight of a Tornado in training at very high altitude, even higher than the usual one. None of our aircraft flew over the Corio area at low altitude and we exclude that it could be experimental aircraft “. Which would deny the rumors circulated in the following hours of some experimental aircraft or drones longer than 50 meters. Unlikely. The hypothesis of an unidentified flying object remains the most plausible at the moment. In fact, the possibility of an Italian drone in the test phase and two Eurofighters from the 51st Istrana flock is also improbable.

ENAV, the Italian Airspace Control Body, does not comment on the question: “We deal with civil flights and in any case only above a certain altitude. – they say – If there had been military flights we might not even know “

Local Authorities

In Corio the atmosphere is vibrant. So much so as to require the intervention of the mayor, Maria Costa Frola. “In the village there is no talk of anything else. – let the first citizen know – All who ask me what happened but obviously I don’t know anything about it. But many tell me about a chase ”.

In this regard, a deputy and a PD senator have asked for a parliamentary question.

Apart from political movements and bar chatter, the descriptions of the witnesses match the descriptions made by witnesses around the world in describing these kinds of experiences. Despite the deniers and the anti-conspiracy theorists, UFO sightings and related chases by military fighters are frequent. To cover up a real phenomenon, then, witnesses are kept in silence or accused of extreme suggestibility.

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