Organizations, support to create your business

Organizations, support to create your business

The new entrepreneur is not alone because he can call on the many structures that exist. However, you will have to look at those that are best suited to your needs and especially to the status and sector of your company. No need to seek help from organizations that do not have this area of ​​expertise.

To create his business , the first step of a creator is to find out about the organizations that will help him in his journey as an entrepreneur. Here are some organizations that will allow you, depending on your sector of activity, to find your way around and not get lost in the maze.

Public bodies to support businesses

Public bodies to support businesses are organized by sector of activity:

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI)

The CCI is the structure dedicated to traders and industry professionals. The CCIs are distributed throughout France (with a national establishment and numerous regional and local establishments).

Every year, more than 250,000 business creators/buyers push the door of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry to make their entrepreneurial project a reality.

To support them in their project, 1,400 business creation/takeover advisers receive them in the 234 Espaces Entreprendre, real places of reception and support for business creators/buyers.

The CCIs also have the mission of being a Business Formality Center (CFE) , an organization that brings together the procedures and formalities for your business).

The CCIs offer the following services:

  • Support for the creation of your business
  • Training to strengthen the skills of business leaders
  • Support for requests for assistance in setting up a business
  • Regulatory advice
  • Strategic support (legal, accounting, commercial)

 The France Entrepreneur Agency (AFE), bpifrance

Since January 1, 2019, Bpifrance has taken over all the missions of Agence France Entrepreneur (AFE) as well as those of Caisse des Dépôts in favor of business creation. All the content and tools of the site are included in the site.

Its vocation is to support entrepreneurship , both at national and local level. This agency is therefore aimed in particular at any creator or buyer of a company.

bpifrance aims to:

  • promote business start-ups and takeovers
  • support the development of companies and in particular VSEs and SMEs
  • research innovations to encourage economic initiative

On the bpifrance website, creators, buyers/sellers and new business leaders will find advice and assistance in drawing up their business plan, numerous tools and useful information.

– BPI France is also a public investment bank which acts as a financing and business development organization. This organization acts as a guarantee for bank loans, but also as a funder for innovative companies using bank loans or by co-financing bank loans. BPI France offers support to companies to develop their activity, particularly internationally, to innovate, to strengthen their capital or to create their own business.

The Chamber of Trades and Crafts (CMA)

The CMA is the reference organization for all artisans. Its mission is to support craftsmen in the creation and management of their craft business.

Chambers of trades and crafts support craft businesses on a daily basis, develop a range of local services and train nearly one in four apprentices in France each year in their training centres.

From the detection of a project to the transfer of a business, they implement, in a close relationship, support missions covering all stages of the life of the company, from the detection of a project to business transfer in order to ensure its development and sustainability.

Out of a million people received each year, no less than one hundred and ninety thousand entrepreneurs embark on the creation or takeover of a craft business. Supported by the chambers of trade, 76% of them will successfully complete the first three years.

In this context, the CMAs offer training (in particular for future heads of craft businesses), grant the registration of new businesses (as CFE) and provide advice to craftsmen.

The chamber of agriculture

The chamber of agriculture is the CFE for farmers , and also offers support for the various aspects of the agricultural business. The Chamber of Agriculture notably offers legal and accounting assistance, as well as training for farmers.

The National Chamber of Liberal Professions is a representative body of the liberal professions.

It is historically the first organization to have brought together liberal professionals. It is today the only organization to bring together the liberal professions of the four professional sectors by federating them on all the professions by the relay of the professional unions, orders or professional organizations and on the whole territory by the relay of the chambers regional and departmental. Thus bringing together liberal professionals, the National Chamber of Liberal Professions is the main interlocutor of the public authorities.

Legal professionals to guide your business

Lawyers and accountants

Legal professionals also support companies. These are mainly lawyers, but also company lawyers or independent lawyers.

Accounting firms sometimes offer offers that include legal support . This is why the training, experience and expertise of legal professionals are particularly better suited to legal support.

However, these accompaniments are often expensive, and do not necessarily include a non-legal accompaniment part . In addition, the knowledge of corporate law lawyers is particularly suitable for large traditional companies, but often less so for small businesses, craftsmen or even new forms of business such as start-ups or the status of micro-entrepreneur. .

Business support by legaltechs

New technologies are revolutionizing business sectors and the law is supporting this development. A Legaltech is a company that offers new solutions for the law. It offers the following services, the list of which is not exhaustive:

  • Drafting of deeds and legal documents
  • Legal information
  • BtoC linking
  • Tools for legal professions
  • BtoB linking
  • Business Management
  • Secure document exchanges
  • Secure Data Storage Artificial Intelligence
  • Dispute resolution assistance
  • machine-learning
  • Big legal data
  • ChatBot and legal robots
  • Legal documents
  • Predictive Justice
  • Funding and organization of legal actions

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