Some examples of associate galleys (and how to get out of it)

Some examples of associate galleys (and how to get out of it)

The days pass and the atmosphere is more and more deleterious. Reproaches rain down on both sides and the company suffers the pangs of misunderstanding. Certainly there are many reasons, but the most important thing is to get out of the spiral because the sustainability of the company is at stake and employees are trying to leave the ship.

My partner is fed up

Your partner, who was super enthusiastic when you joined, no longer sees much point in facing the difficulties inherent in the life of a company every day. He had not considered that his family life would be strongly impacted by the hectic life of a company and had hardly considered the risk taking and the stress that it implies. Rather than dragging along for months a partner completely demotivated by the company and who will only commit to a maximum of 20%, be proactive and offer him capital exit solutions.

My associate hid you…

You were associated with an apprentice Jérôme Cahuzac? He confuses his wallet with that of the company. No chance… Trust is broken, it will be difficult for you to continue to develop your business by his side. Again, try to offer him capital exit mechanisms, or leave yourself if there is no other choice. Consult a lawyer to see what your partnership agreement allows you to do to get out of this impasse which can put you in financial difficulty.

My partner does not work

Dot the “i’s” by demanding renewed commitment from him. If after 2 or 3 alerts he still does not change, try to define what would motivate him to leave the association. Your partner may have believed that being a boss meant doing what he wanted, when he wanted, and therefore only saw the superficial aspect of a leader’s mission. Don’t waste your time because it is far from being exemplary for the collaborators…and will lead them to let themselves go too.

My partner takes credit for my work

He boasts of having found all the customers when it is you who manage the commercial? Be firm to make him understand that this attitude will jeopardize your association if it continues. This is where the greatest difficulty arises when one of the partners takes all the credit and refuses to come out of their illusions. This is where a coach will allow you to restore reality and lead him to more modesty and to take credit for what he really does and create harmony between you.

My partner has a pig character

He grills you with customers, one by one? Refer him to a coach who will be able to highlight his destructive attitudes and teach him other ways to manage his interpersonal relationships. You have to do him the best service, make him meet a coach who will put him in a situation and allow him to change his attitude.

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