13 good reasons not to create your box!

13 good reasons not to create your box!

Eh yes ! You can read many articles that relate the good reasons for starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur. In this article, I decided to do the opposite and focus on the reasons why you shouldn’t start. If after reading this article, you are still motivated to create your box, you are ready.

You are going to have to have a nest egg.

I can launch my box with 0 euro  ” is only a myth. In fact, opening a bank account is not free despite the enticing ads. In addition, you will have to convince your banker to open it, which is not necessarily easy. You will need an accountant who according to all truth can cost you between 100 and 400 euros per month without counting the end-of-year balance sheet. You will need to protect your brand and file it with the INPI. Then to develop your business, you will have to recruit: at the beginning your relatives, your friends and after the hiring of your first employee. Then pay the VAT, the various taxes etc…

You will only think about your job.

24/7: impossible to get your business out of your head. The sheep will be replaced by the customers. And some customers will become part of your obsessions! You will sleep with your smartphone under the pillow and a notebook on the coffee table in case you have a brilliant idea in the middle of the night.

You will no longer take vacations.

The first years (between 3 and 5 years), it is difficult to be able to let your business run alone, too many things to stabilize and develop. At least there are still the postcards and videos from your friends on Facebook to make you dream.

You will spend more time at work than at home.

You will leave your couple and family life for your business. This can result in separation, divorce, argument, and criticism from your offspring… It will be difficult to find the balance. Then depression may hang over your nose…

You will be stressed and tired.

Sleep, what for? Customers don’t sleep. You will be focused on your results and goals and your friends will no longer want to share a meal with you because you will only talk about your box.

Closing is very likely. 

We often tell you about French success stories: Jacques-Antoine Granjon of vente-privee.com, Marc Simoncini of Meetic… But did you know that the failure of companies represents, according to the Banque de France, in 2021, the cumulative number of failures over one year (January 2020 – December 2021) 27,285.

You will crash.

Rare, if not impossible, are entrepreneurs who succeed on the first try. If you talk to other entrepreneurs, they will tell you that they have screwed up several times and even had to change their business model and therefore you will have to develop an extraordinary ability to adapt.

The 35 hours (lol).

It will rather take between 60 and 70 hours. Above all, do not have fun counting your hourly rate because it borders on the ridiculous.

Your salary.

Don’t expect to pay for the first few years. It will be necessary to rely more on unemployment then the RSA, or nothing at all. Are you ready to eat pasta every day????? You will surely never earn what you earned when you were an employee with all your advantages: restaurant vouchers, mutual insurance, holiday vouchers…

The administration, I like that!

If you thought that becoming an entrepreneur would be like living on love and fresh water! Do not forget that after closing your store or office closing hours (well not yours), you will have to spend time checking your accounts, sending invoices, paying service providers, settling employee disputes …

What defines the entrepreneur is the risk he takes.

If you thought you would never take risks, then in these cases, do not even start creating because as we have just experienced for 3 years there is no shortage of adventures.

The first recruitments.

Do you remember when you were employed, you took your time? Imagine your employees doing the same thing. It becomes less fun. They are sick, absent, late, sometimes unproductive. And on top of that, they’re suing you. Worse ! they are expensive!!!! And not happy with their salary on top of the market!! Good luck for the future !

The entrepreneurs expected in companies?

It will be difficult for you to find work if your company closes. The entrepreneur, in France, is perceived as a rebel, a person from another planet who cannot be coaxed! In addition, no possible unemployment benefits for the leader.

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