Recognition, the master asset of employers

Recognition, the master asset of employers

Managers have often thought that employees should be grateful to them for having a job and therefore a salary. However, with the employment crisis in certain sectors, the health crisis and its consequences, the leader is forced to put his ideas on the shelf to respond to new conditions and therefore to reverse the trends of another era.

To create employee involvement, nothing is more essential than recognition. This recognition requires a change in the mentalities of managers. Some tips.

According to a study carried out by Odexa for France Info, employees are unhappy with the way in which they are considered on a symbolic level as material and 51% believe that their work is not recognized at its fair value.

What are the benefits of recognition?

The essential value of recognition is that the valued employee:

  • identifies more easily with the company.
  • develops his sense of belonging to the company to the company.
  • improve their skills.
  • takes initiative.
  • is less often on sick leave.
  • contributes to a better team atmosphere.
  • improves the image of your company.
  • gives more results
  • find meaning in their work.
  • feels safe.
  • has increased self-esteem.

How to prove his recognition?

Recognition is expressed by  salary recognition but above all by the view of the other on the work carried out, by constructive remarks. It is essential that the employer be clear with himself in order to be clear with the employees. Maintaining the dialogue is necessary. It can be verbal; so that it remains in continuity, it can also pass by the writing with a notebook of connection which will be used as point of support to establish fruitful dialogues.

Recognition is based on several areas and must be adapted to each employee and according to the circumstances. It can manifest itself through words or gestures (greetings, smiles, etc.) on a daily basis during contacts and exchanges. Recognition expressed for the simple reason that each employee is first and foremost a human being.

Recognition of the quality of the work carried out, the relevant behavior of the worker, his professional qualities and his skills, but also his ability to innovate and take initiatives.

The recognition of the investment in the work which underlines the quality and the repercussions of the efforts provided by the employee in order to contribute to the growth of the company.

  • Check in on the person and their family
  • Consult employees, ask them for their opinion
  • Allow work schedules to be adjusted and know how to respond to exceptional absence requests from employees with empathy
  • Give access to training programs to allow the evolution of the collaborator without thinking that if he acquires other skills, his first instinct will be to leave
  • Verbally thank an employee for their involvement face to face or in front of the teams
  • Write an email to recognize an employee’s courage and tenacity under adverse conditions
  • Make glowing comments on professional qualities
  • Present the work of the employee or ask him to intervene in the management committee
  • Highlight the innovation of employees and their contributions to the company or to the teams

4 tips

To show your appreciation:

  1. Do not hesitate to take an interest in your employees (their first names and possibly their family histories). Make everyone feel unique and if possible host a reception with the whole team and their families once a year. It’s closer than you might think.
  2. Avoid manipulation (you will sooner or later be unmasked) and look (or be) accessible to put your employees at ease.
  3. Don’t forget to reward your top performers with bonuses and don’t be stingy with thanks.
  4. Give achievable (but ambitious) goals to give a taste for challenge and not harmful stress.

Everyone seeks to be recognized in the professional world, so today, offer recognition to be a winning company! Good humor and happiness will be the flagship of your success!

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