Did you know that there is no such thing as a lack of communication?

According to Watzlawick: “An axiom is an evident truth, something that does not require proof, on which a body of knowledge is built and sustained. The word comes from the Greek αξιωμα, which means “what seems fair”.

In the field of human communication, the keys exchanged emanate directly from the body (movements, gestures, postures), speech (verbalizations), voice (tone, volume, tempo, etc.) and the immediate context (physical situation, social , cultural, etc.), we distinguish five fundamental axioms, centered on the interpersonal dimension of communication.

And just one of the axioms of communication is the impossibility of not communicating. It is a basic behavior, such as speaking or being silent, standing still or moving, everything is a behavior.

Everything we communicate has an effect on others and others cannot help but respond or react to received messages, through other behavior in which something is also communicated.

Has it happened to you that you are on a plane or in a meeting room and people do not speak until they have to get off or the event starts? Apparently they are not behaving or communicating anything; however, says Watzlawick: “…their behavior has communicative value that could be paraphrased as ‘I’m on my way’, ‘I don’t want to talk to anyone’ or ‘I don’t want to be talked to'”.

The pragmatic effect of this communication involves others responding and leaving your neighbor alone. In the case of a party, the behavior of these people will be totally different and will carry a message such as “I want to talk/flirt with someone” or “I want them to talk to me, catch me”.

This reveals to us that there are also communicative indices inherent to the physical and social context that cause pragmatic effects in people. The behavior of these varies, too, depending on whether they are on the subway, at a party, a conference or a bedroom.

In short, all behavior in an interaction situation has a message value. Everything we communicate represents a commitment and defines the way in which the sender conceives his relationship with the receiver.

 This is where the importance of understanding that everything we communicate implies a responsibility that, at some point, will have to be faced. Therefore, before speaking or activating any behavior, I invite you to review what you are communicating.

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