Without marketing there is no paradise

Legendary businessman Ray Kroc, founder of the McDonald’s franchise, once said: “Not doing marketing is like winking at a woman in the dark. Only you know you’re doing it.”It is a recurring theme that many companies in Latin America do not take the marketing department seriously, they tend to focus too much on the product or on reducing costs, leaving this area in the background, which should be a priority due to the importance it has together with sales for the company. survival of a company.

While sales are the lifeblood of your business and the main way to make a quick profit, marketing would be the Vaseline that makes those sales easier. The problem is that the results do not usually appear in the short term, the positioning of the brand in the mind of the client arrives in the long term with consistency.

But Cesar, what kind of marketing is right for my business?

Each company is different depending on its budget and the ability to respond or service its customers. Brands with large budgets require very different strategies than SMEs, which must opt ​​for direct response marketing that leads them, in addition to creating positioning, to generating qualified prospects every day.

Nowadays, to talk about digital marketing is to think about social networks, and although they are a super important actor, so is the ability to capture and convert visitors into prospects and then into customers through our sales tunnels.

The sales tunnel allows us to filter and accompany a client to generate the necessary trust, position ourselves as an authority and finally make the sales, all automatically.

The right mix would be, on the one hand, to generate content marketing that adds value without selling, and on the other, to create paid campaigns that take the public through our prospecting tunnel that includes a variety of tools such as quizzes, prospect magnets, gift coupons. , among others, and continuously provide value seeking long-term loyalty.

Finally, we must give the same importance to our current customers and continue adding value, since it is much easier and cheaper to sell again to existing customers than to attract new ones.

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