Beach trends for summer 2022

When summer approaches, the long-awaited moment arrives to prepare the beach wardrobe , consisting of the most creative swimwear and essential accessories such as flip-flops, cover-ups, hats and capacious beach bags. The fashion trends in terms of costumes change every year, while maintaining some timeless leitmotifs, which make fans happy.

Bikinis, one-piece, sporty, trikini: whatever type of swimsuit you choose, the purpose of this item of clothing is to make you feel at ease even on the seashore , combining femininity, elegance and comfort. The great beachwear brands are already preparing to draw their best cards and fill the beaches with glamorous costumes and original ideas: the Margarita Modamare shop is ready to amaze the fashion addicted of the summer with the coolest collections of the season.

But what do the swimwear trends reserve for 2022?

Bright colors

As always, summer is a time of liveliness and joy, which is often also emphasized by the colors of clothes and accessories. From year to year the swimsuits decide to sometimes follow softer color lines, other strong and super trendy shades .

2022 will be the year of cheerful and warm shades, from wisteria to brown, from coral to bright green. Gold or bronze will also be present on the water’s edge , perfect for emphasizing an already amber complexion, but suitable for all. And who loves total black? Among an ocean of vibrant colors there will also be black models, embellished with refined textures or interesting light points.

Between floral and animal prints

Palm leaves and ferns that recall exotic atmospheres and the most luxuriant nature: on the beach next summer you can’t help but show off at least one swimsuit that has vegetation as its protagonist .

But, to stay on the subject, there will also be animal prints, especially the leopard spots , which will often be combined with strokes of contrasting colored fabric, perfect for those personalities who are not afraid to dare and who love to be noticed even when they have I only wear a bikini.

High-waisted briefs

The bikini is always in fashion in the summers that run after each other, but among the ideas that will also be found in 2022 there are the high-waisted briefs, a model that cyclically returns to populate the summer catwalks .

Its advantages? She hides the extra bacon and emphasizes the waistline. If it is a high-waisted and high-cut model, it also helps to slim the figure and give a touch of elegance to the entire silhouette .

The shoulder bags

Triangular, balconette, with or without underwire, push up: the top piece of the swimsuit knows infinite versions of itself. However, the 2022 beachwear suggests opting for one-shoulder models, creative and with a geometric movement that immediately strikes you .

They recall the waves of the sea and are offered by beachwear brands in all kinds of colors and prints: bikinis will be the most popular, but in the windows and e-commerce there will also be one-shoulder swimsuits .

One-piece or bikini, but with belt

When there is a belt to embellish the costume, the mind immediately recalls the great movie stars : it was the famous Ursula Andress who wore a bikini with a belt in the old film Agent 007 License to Kill . Bikinis in 2022 will therefore also be equipped with buckles and straps, particularly in vogue for the season.

But those who prefer to opt for one-piece and enveloping swimsuits will also wear ultra-sexy belts: in fact, there will be not a few whole models that will combine practicality and fashion by enriching them with bands and belts at the waist . Retro at the right point and undoubtedly super cool!

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