Drinking wine in company: an increasingly widespread trend

Drinking in company is a pastime loved by thousands of people around the world. What could be nicer than spending an evening in the company of your closest friends or family, sipping good wine ? In fact, this is an increasingly widespread trend and it is not necessary to move to an expensive place to do it: it will be enough to “uncork” a bottle of wine and sip it with whoever you want (even at home), exchanging words and having fun together. It is evident that, precisely for this reason, this pastime is increasingly chosen: a pleasant alternative to spend a nice evening .

Drinking wine in company at home

Therefore, you can drink wine in company even in your own home: it will be enough to invite friends or relatives to spend a pleasant evening dedicated to wine (and some snacks), perhaps keeping the bottles with the practical solutions offered by Showine .

It will not be necessary to prepare elaborate dishes to accompany the wine, but you can offer your guests cold cuts, cheeses or some bruschetta.

Precisely in this lies the beauty: it takes very little to have fun and stay together, so you won’t have to turn into starred chefs, but offer something simple. In fact, the beauty is to live the conviviality of the moment and spend time together.

In addition, the guests (who by custom always bring a present to the hosts as a gift) can give a bottle of wine to be consumed during the evening or to be kept for the evenings to come.

A bottle of wine is always a great gift , both for connoisseurs and for those who are not so experienced. Staying at home also has other advantages: you can stay quietly watching TV and let yourself be pampered by the sweet or drier notes of a wine. So it is a perfect activity to carry out even if you are in a couple or in a few people.

Wine gives that extra sparkle to any evening and not because you have to necessarily get drunk. In fact, wine is also used to warm up on a cold winter day or to accompany card or party games.

In short, you don’t necessarily need a reason or an occasion to celebrate to drink wine!

Other places to drink wine with friends

If, on the other hand, you want to spend a wine evening away from home, nowadays there are many places to do it. However, we must abandon the idea that wine can only be drunk in restaurants and accompanied by a formal dinner.

In fact, there are special places where it is possible to taste an excellent wine and accompany it with appetizers or tastings of cheeses or salami or typical dishes, not elaborated and refined, perhaps cooked at the moment.

These are wine bars , wineries, cellars and wine bars : there are all over Italy and they are, in fact, more informal places than restaurants but no less chic.

They are places where there is a vast assortment of wines with the best labels, you can buy, consult books and guides in the sector and chat with people who are passionate about this world, who can give useful advice.

Often, among the wines present, you can choose to drink only one glass (so everyone can choose the one most in line with their tastes) or other times it will be necessary to order an entire bottle and consume it in more people. This choice, of course, derives from the impossibility of keeping some wines once the bottle is opened.

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