Energy Performance Certificate: what it is and why it is needed

It may escape many, especially the first experiences in the real estate market . Nevertheless, the energy certificate is a very important factor to decree the value of a house and, above all, to make it compliant with the law. The energy performance certificate, also called APE, is the document useful to describe the characteristics of a building or house in terms of energy .

The scale ranging from A4 to & represents the valuation fee with which the energy performance values ​​of a building are summarized. This is a mandatory value to be declared , especially during the sale or lease of the given property. Generally, documents relating to energy certification have a validity of about ten years.

Following the expiration, of course, it will be possible to renew , as long as all the procedures in terms of boiler controls required by current legislation are guaranteed. The energy performance certificate should not be confused with the energy qualification certificate , in any important way. Today, it is also possible to request the APE online on platforms such as . In the next few lines we will discover all the info on the certificate in question and its usefulness.

Everything you need to know about the APE

The energy certification requires an employee to go to the site for a pre-inspection phase , in which the certifier must acquire the amount of useful information in order to draw up the APE certificate and a real inspection phase. Documents such as the cadastral survey of the building, the floor plan and the system booklet must be presented. At that point, the certifier will have to use a special software that performs the calculations useful for establishing the overall performance index and defining the energy class of the building.

The work of the classifier also serves to identify any improvement interventions. As mentioned, the energy certificate is valid for ten years and can only be drawn up by authorized professionals. The certificate is mandatory for all buildings whose construction took place recently, but also for those subjected to demolition and subsequent reconstruction. Furthermore, in the event of a sale or a new lease, the APE will be mandatory , as well as in the case of works.

The certificate is required for all notarial deeds relating to the purchase and lease, as well as to have access to tax deductions relating to energy efficiency interventions and for the publication of real estate advertisements. The energy certification is issued by an accredited entity which, as mentioned, takes the name of energy certifier.

He has the duty to draw up the document following specific checks that require special training regulated by specific local laws . Energy certificates are drawn up after carrying out an analysis using specific software. The parameters observed by the program concern the geometric and exposure characteristics of the property, those relating to the masonry and fixtures and the type of sanitary, heating, ventilation and energy systems. The energy performance certificate must be kept in the boiler booklet and delivered, in case of sale or lease, to the new inhabitants of the building.

The cost of the certificate fluctuates according to the agency to which it is addressed. In any case, as we have already mentioned, it is possible to request the Energy Performance Certificate also online . The price also changes depending on the type of building that the certifier will analyze, by size and by use, if it is an activity, an office or a home. In general, to distinguish real professionals in the sector from potential scammers, it is necessary to select a plan that also includes the inspection, which is essential for the preparation of the final version of the document. The energy performance certificate is governed by the Presidential Decree of 2022 , n. 75 .

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