How are the bathrooms designed for people with reduced mobility?

The two main problems with a bathroom, when faced with reduced mobility, are ease of use and safety. Being able to maintain cleanliness when suffering from a lack of movement and being unable to reach out to certain parts of the body is a huge challenge posed by bathrooms. Hard tiles and an abundance of slippery soap and water are also dangerous combinations if the person has physical problems.

Luckily, upgrading your bathroom or having one built is easier than you think. A more affordable solution has multiple basic accessories that bring many benefits to the room for people with mobility challenges. If you have enough funds and the will, you can optimize your bathroom to make it the ultimate in comfort and safety.

bath lift

A bath lift is a seat that can be raised and lowered to help a person rise and lower through the water in the tub. It is ideal for allowing the person to continue to enjoy their bath while maintaining their independence. All types are designed to slowly lower the person into the bath and raise them up, which is ideal for people with pain or discomfort in the back or legs – For these people, consider getting a lift to climb the stairs. Bath lifts are very easy to install and have the added benefit of being easy to remove when not in use. This saves space and preserves the aesthetic value of your bathroom.

Walk-in shower/shower room

A walk-in shower is a great alternative to a normal shower and offers both easy access and greater comfort. A walk-in shower can have many features, such as a pop-up shower. It can also relieve sore knees, and when paired with safety grab bars, it provides a much safer experience than a normal shower that’s easy to slip into. Most people with mobility issues (benefit from a stairlift ) are at an advanced stage of life, which means the risk of breaking bones is much higher.

bath cushion

The bath pillow is similar to the bath lift but is slightly different. While a bath seat generally refers to a chair that raises and lowers you by mechanical and electrical means, the bath pillow has no mechanical parts and must be inflated to move the person up and down in the tub. . A pump is located outside the bathtub and connected to the cushion allows the user to inflate and deflate the device. As the bath cushion is inflatable, the user can easily install and disassemble the device, as well as take it on a trip because it is very light and folds up easily.

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