Real estate market 2022: what is the situation in Emilia-Romagna

The post-pandemic economic recovery , with the Italian GDP in strong recovery after a 2022 limited by the advent of covid-19, seems to be put to the test at this moment, where inflation bites as it has not been seen for decades and the power of the purchase of the Italians is compressed due to price increases . In this particular phase, a valid contribution to the economic stability of the country can be offered, without any doubt, by the real estate market , which travels far from the maximum prices pre-financial crisis of 2022.

In recent years, the real estate market has shown signs of recovery . And even in the years to come, despite the inflation currently present, it is assumed that this sector can offer interesting solutions for buyers and sellers. According to some experts, in fact, the current price situation of the real estate market, despite being different from city to city, is an excellent compromise between the hyperbolic pre-crisis figures and those, particularly depressed, which were recorded from 2022 up to shortly before the outbreak of the pandemic.

Sales market picking up, boom in rental prices

In support of what has just been described, we cite the example of Emilia Romagna , one of the most important regions of our nation, where the real estate market, thanks to the presence of some particularly prestigious cities from an artistic point of view and many well-known seaside resorts. the whole boot has always been particularly effervescent and offers excellent opportunities for those who want to sell or buy a house.

Looking back over the last eight years, we can see how the price per square meter has dropped quite significantly: from € 2182 in 2022 it has now gone down to €. 1838. A rather drastic decline, which reached a negative peak, however, in the second half of 2022 when the average cost per square meter of a property in Emilia-Romagna was around € 1750. From the ” minimums “, therefore, the increase was approximately €. 80.00 per square meter, with a strong leap over the last twelve months.

The rental market , on the other hand, is totally opposite, where the increase in prices has been constantly rising for at least four years now. In fact, in the first part of 2022, the average rental price for a property in Emilia-Romagna was around € 8.40 per square meter, while today it stands at around € 11.60 . Investing in the real estate sector in this region is therefore very favorable, given the constant increase in rents.

Emilia-Romagna real estate market: which are the most attractive areas to invest?

And in this historical moment, where financial assets are all turning into negative territory after a few years of strong increases, investing in a safe asset such as brick, even more so in an area that is highly attractive from a tourist point of view such as the Emilia-Romagna one, it can be an excellent investment solution . Even within the regional territory, as in any other area of ​​our splendid Peninsula, there are substantial price differences.

On the other hand, evaluating the purchase of houses for sale in Imola , Bologna or Rimini, is certainly not the same thing compared to the hinterland of other provinces of the Emilia area: the three areas just mentioned, in fact, are full of attractiveness and site , as in the case of Imola (average price, €. 1650 per square meter), in a strategic position , a few steps from some important cities such as the aforementioned Bologna or Ravenna and a stone’s throw from the sea.

The average cost per square meter is around € .1820. The most “salty” city, evidently not only for the presence of the sea, is Rimini, where the average cost of the property is around €. 2562, followed by Bologna (€ .2340) and Ravenna (€ .2000 per square meter). The cheapest, on the other hand, is Piacenza (€ .1270 per square meter), followed by Ferrara (€ .1306) and Reggio Emilia (€ .1490).

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