The average cost of car liability drops in all Italian regions

In the months of lockdown there was a notable decline in insurance premiums across the peninsula. The lowering of prices is the result of the road block, which has reduced the number of vehicles in circulation, and consequently the percentage of accidents.

The same companies have had to adapt, lowering prices considerably. However, it is a trend that has already been underway for some time, in fact according to analyzes and statistics in the last 8 years there has been a 25% decline in the cost of RC cars . In 2019, the annual premium was around € 586, compared to € 500 in 2020. The overall drop therefore stood at 14.59%.

In general, almost all Italian regions benefited from the decline in motor liability, especially those in the North. The region that pays the least is Friuli Venezia Giulia with an average of 334 euros, followed by Trentino Alto Adige with 344 euros and Valle d’Aosta with 380 euros. Basilicata and Puglia are also smiling, where there was a drop of 18.19% and 18.09% respectively.

The smallest drops were recorded in Sardinia, with a reduction of 10.11% and in Umbria of 11.38%. After the end of the lockdown, insurance costs have risen again, but are still lower than last year. This is still a great time to renew or take out new insurance policies.

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