The diet in one hand so as not to gain weight

A few gluttony lifts the mood after a stressful day. However, widening the trouser belt is a concern. Regulate yourself with your hand and you can eat lightly!

Five meals a day

How many meals should be eaten throughout the day? Five! Which, coincidentally, are the same number as your fingers: the thumb represents breakfast, the index finger represents the mid-morning snack, the middle finger represents lunch, the ring finger represents the afternoon snack and the little finger represents dinner. And the amount of calorie intake must be defined in relation to the measurements of these fingers. In short, eating a hearty breakfast and a light dinner is what you should do to keep fit.

A handful of cabohydrates

Pasta, rice, bread – a punch is enough to keep your appetite at bay. And the same goes for the delicious French fries.

A palm of protein

Meat, fish or tofu: the right portions are those that correspond to the size of the palm of our hand.

Two fingers of cheese

For those who love cheese it is like a mission impossible to stop at a slice or two. How to behave? Know that the body does not need more than two fingers of cheese to satisfy the palate and have the necessary calcium supply.

A hint of oil or butter

Oil or butter, we often tend to overdo it with the seasoning. And even a light dish becomes heavy. Although it appears little, a punch is enough. Don’t exceed this amount for each meal – whether it’s butter for breakfast or oil for salad dressing.

Two handfuls of fruit and vegetables

At the base of the food pyramid are fruits and vegetables. Take two handfuls and you will cover the needs.

A thumb full of sweetness

Whether it’s jam on bread, honey in yogurt, or a piece of chocolate, one inch of these treats is more than enough.

A clenched fist of dessert

Are you crazy about sweets? This is the best way to measure cakes, ice cream or biscuits and therefore do not totally deprive yourself of these delights.

This is an alternative method to keep the quantities of food eaten under control without necessarily having to resort to the scale. Keep in mind that the rules do not apply to children: they require a higher calorie intake, especially when it comes to the consumption of fruit, vegetables and meat. Finally, don’t forget that quality matters more than quantity.

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