Vredestein’s 4-season proposals: is there something for everyone?

Vredestein, a Dutch company specializing in the production and design of car tires since 2022, is committed to offering its users the highest quality products that can meet their driving needs in both summer and winter.

In recent years, the well-known company has been particularly committed to the design of 4-season tires, i.e. those tires that can be used all year round without affecting too much either performance or consumption. Specifically today we will focus our gaze on the road test of the Vredestein Quatrac 5 205/45 R16 , 4-season tires that seem to wink at those who do not want to deprive themselves of anything.

Vredestein Quatrac 5

When you first approach the tires of this company it is difficult to understand what their performance might be. These, in fact, have a very common design for this type of product, but they differ substantially in road tests. The Vredestein Quatrac 5 are the evolution of the already excellent Quatrac 3, presenting top-level performance on both dry and wet roads.

Vredestein tires: an overview

Before examining the road test data of these tires suitable for everyone, it is interesting to focus on the most obvious general aspects. The type examined today is the one dedicated to the 4 seasons, placing itself by right in the class of premium tires with asymmetrical tread .

The available sizes vary from 13-20 inches, denoting excellent versatility for any type of car. Seasonal performance is excellent, these allow for stability and grip on both snowy and cold surfaces.

Vredestein tires: road test

We stressed the Vredestein tires not a little both on dry and wet surfaces, let’s see how they behaved and what strengths they have.

Try on Dry

In the dry tests, the Vredestein tires showed a braking percentage of 72.6%, extremely balanced and efficient .

As far as handling is concerned, on the other hand, we have values ​​that are around 94%, showing how these tires have been designed to guarantee maximum comfort . Even some summer tires in many cases do not reach such high quality levels.

The acoustic comfort is also of an excellent level, our tests show a percentage of 80.1%, which in practice translates into a silent tread both while driving with the windows open and when traveling at high speed on the motorway.

Wet test

Being 4 season tires we could not avoid putting them under stress even in the wet, we must underline that we did not expect such important performances.

After a marked stress we found an extremely effective resistance to aquaplaning , positioning itself on percentages of 65.3%, which denote an optimal balance for both hot and cold seasons.

As far as braking in the wet is concerned, we were amazed by a percentage of 81.2%, which is amazing for a 4-season tire.

Handling in the wet also stands at 81.2%, a value that also defines excellent comfort while driving.

Test on snow

We even went beyond normal road conditions and tested these tires on snow. The values ​​are good, showing a braking on snow with a percentage of 76.8%, a cornering of 75.3%, a maneuverability of 65.8% and a traction that goes towards percentages of 73.4%.

The dry and wet data show excellent handling and, above all , top-notch braking . Although maneuverability stands out in the dry and braking in the wet, Vredestein tires highlight how they can be installed on any vehicle throughout the year without uncertainty about overall performance. A valid solution for those looking for efficient tires with good longevity.

Test Considerations: 4 seasons

The tests carried out, specifically on the Vredestein Quatrac 5 205/45 R16 tires, although they may have slightly different values ​​for the 13 or 20 inch models, show that balance is the strong point of this series of tires.

Vredestein Quatrac 5 205/45 R16: Pros and cons

Like all 4-season tires, this range proposed by Vredestein also has its strengths and weaknesses. In reality it is difficult to find defects in this new series of tires, but to have a clearer picture of the potential of this product it is interesting to analyze it in the best way.


Handling on dry roads: as can be easily deduced from the data listed above, the tires taken in tests show a very high level of handling on dry roads. Driving is extremely safe and you won’t feel that unpleasant missing grip feeling when moving in fast tight corners.

Wet handling: As much as dry handling, wet handling is also exceptional. With traditional 4-season tires there is a strong sensation of not mounting wet tires, with Quatrac 5 205/45 R16 there is absolutely no such scent.

Silent driving: the strength of these tires lies in the quiet and peaceful driving. The noise values, both on wet and dry roads, are very low and you will not feel any kind of discomfort when opening the windows on fast-moving roads.

Braking distance: on dry and wet surfaces you can count on excellent braking. Even on particularly wet surfaces, you can take advantage of a short braking distance, ensuring maximum safety for yourself and other vehicles on the road.

Aquaplaning: few times have we been able to obtain such good values ​​in aquaplaning tests, the slip resistance on water is very good and no vibrations will be felt on poorly draining asphalt.


Obviously to have a clear idea of ​​the capabilities of these tires it is even more interesting to look for the defects, let’s see the main ones.

Traction on snow: although the values ​​in the tests show good performance on snow, we expected something more. Obviously these tires are created to meet the needs of those who drive all year round, therefore, they are not suitable for use on snow.

Handling on snow: even in handling on snow it seems to be fitted with completely different tires. Some driving safety is lost, but it is not so noticeable on surfaces with little snow.

Rolling resistance: perhaps the only real cons of these tires is to be identified in the high rolling resistance . The tires tend to have a very solid grip, however, affecting the reactivity of the rolling.

Conclusions and considerations

The Vredestein Quatrac 5 205/45 R16 model that we considered in our tests today showed very good quality tires. The choice of sizes from 13 to 20 inches ensures excellent versatility for those looking for a product that is useful all year round.

Dry and wet handling, acoustic comfort and exceptional braking make these tires an intelligent solution for those who want highly reliable , low- cost 4-season tires .

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